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NAGPRA for Archeologists: Methods, Dialogue, and Technologies

NCPTT, the friends of NCPTT, and the National NAGPRA Program, will partner to offer a four-day course on the statute, regulations, requirements, and compliance aspects of NAGPRA. The objective is to introduce participants to the purpose and requirements of NAGPRA. Classroom instruction will include discussions with NAGPRA representatives from Indian tribes who will share their responsibilities and experiences.

‘Documentation of the San Pedro Acequia (41BX337) at Trevino Street, Sa’ by I. Waynne Cox In August 1994, the Center for Archaeological Research entered into a contract with the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department to provide monitoring for the Trevino Street improvements immediately to the north of San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San…

‘Test Excavations at 41HE257, Henderson County, Texas’ by E. Frances Gadus Personnel from Prewitt and Associates, Inc., conducted test excavations at 41HE257, a prehistoric site located in central Henderson County. This work was conducted for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Environmental Affairs Division, since part of the site is…

‘Archeological Investigations at the Santa Maria Creek Site (41CW104) C’ by Robert Rogers, Linda W. Ellis et al. The excavations by Atkins at the Santa Maria Creek site (41CW104) described in the following report have succeeded in bringing together a myriad of information regarding aboriginal occupations in eastern Central Texas at the dawn of the Historic period….



Awarded for grantwriting activities during the 2015-2016 academic year; highest award for research center staff.

Awarded for grantwriting activities during the 2014-2015 academic year; highest award for research center staff.

Awarded for grantwriting activities during the 2013-2014 academic year; highest award for research center staff.

Learning Through Making

Experimental production of stone tools

Computational Archaeology

My journey to becoming a Computational Archaeologist

Adventures In Digital Archaeology

A Backlogged Record of Various International- Technological- Archaeological Meanderings & Projects Undertaken

Introspective Digital Archaeology

Understanding the computational turn in archaeology

it's not just digital, it's electric!

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

Exploring the digital humanities

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