GM – Ceramics

Our emended approach to the analysis of geometric morphometrics is outlined here, and employs the geomorph package in R. Focusing on morphological variation among several vessel forms, our recent efforts have been aimed at the analysis of intact and/or reconstructed Caddo NAGPRA vessels…


Network Analysis

While I have used networks in the past to better illustrate potential connections between sites (and populations) based largely upon similarity indices, I am also using networks to explore epistemological issues that articulate with a number of our projects. These models continue to be used…


Predictive Modeling

We have received a few new grants to begin work on two predictive models; one for the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas (Davy Crockett National Forest), and the other for the Big Thicket National Preserve. These models, once complete, will…



Ceramics from the Miles Collection at ENMU

View and interact with a selection of the ceramic vessels that we scanned at Eastern New Mexico University #ENMU from the Miles Collection.


3D Clovis and Folsom Points from Lubbock Lake

We recently had the opportunity to scan Clovis and Folsom points from the Lubbock Lake site that are curated at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory. View and interact with those scans here.


3D Clovis Points from the Gault Site (41BL323)

Last week we visited TARL, and ran into our good friends from the Gault School of Archaeological Research, who graciously allowed us to scan a selection of Clovis points from the Gault site in Central Texas. View and interact with the first of the models here.


Networking NAGPRA

Using citation data harvested from Westlaw and LexisNexis, we built an interactive network that illustrates how NAGPRA litigation is linked by common citations. The analysis of this network is the topic of a forthcoming paper.

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3D Belcher Ridged Vessel from the Belcher Site

3D Belcher Ridged vessel from the Belcher site in Northwest Louisiana. View and interact with the model here.

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3D Caddo Vessel from the Sam Kaufman Site

Many thanks to the Caddo Nation and to SMU for allowing access to the Sam Kaufman Vessels. See the first of the color scans here!

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