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‘Bioarchaeological Investigations of Nineteenth-Century African America’ by Aaron R. Norment, Jeremy W. Pye et al.

DOI: 10.21112/ita.2016.1.1 A search for unmarked graves in the state-owned right of way and underneath the pavement of State Highway 332 resulted in the discovery and archeological excavation of 11 unmarked graves associated with Pioneer Cemetery, an African American burial…

‘Excavation of 41FY58, Fayette County, Texas’ by John E. Keller

DOI: 10.21112/ita.1974.1.6 The site 41FY58 was discovered on U.S. 71 in eastern Fayette County and reported in 1973 by the survey archaeologist of the Texas Highway Department. Surface indications were highly encouraging and the site was recommended for extensive investigation….

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