3D Imagery from the Vanderpool Site (Selden)

Throughout the last few months of 2013, we were working with the Vanderpool collection scans that were collected at the Gregg County Historical Museum. Over the break, we created an account where you can view the 3D files (minus the texture – per guidelines established by the Caddo Nation) at http://sketchfab.com/zac_selden/recent.

Once you arrive at the site, click on the image that you would like to view – it will pop up within a minute (takes a little time to load – large files). I have had limited success opening these using my Mac (although it works for others), so forgive me if they don’t work on your computer – also, these files will not load on a mobile device.

That said, we hope you enjoy the images. There are more to come in the very near future!

**Next week we dive into a whole new collection of 3D scans that were collected over the holiday break. Preview of one very interesting Caddo vessel below.**


(click to enlarge)

Written by zselden

Selden (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2013) is a US Marine Corps veteran, cyclist, kayaker, backpacker, hiker, climber, fisherman and general all-around outdoor enthusiast. His research is focused at the confluence of archaeological methods and digital technology, and he is particularly interested in the application of 3D technologies to archaeological problems, geometric morphometrics, network analyses, predictive modeling, archaeological theory, and archaeological science.