Animated Dart Points from the Columbus, Texas Area

I recently made the trip to Columbus, Texas for the Texas Archeological Society’s Field School. While there, I took the opportunity to scan a few projectile points (these found by Kent Hibbitts) to illustrate how our scanners work, always trying to entertain and enlist a few members of the next generation.

This dart point was recovered from private property ~5mi from the 2015 TAS Field School, and are representative of what we would expect to find in that area. As the tropical storm made landfall, over 300 professional and avocational archaeologists hunkered down in their camp and weathered the storm. Ever a hearty bunch, I tip my hat to all involved, and look forward to learning more about the archaeology at the site.


Written by zselden

My research is focused at the confluence of archaeology, engineering, computer science, and the humanities. I am particularly interested in the application of 3D technologies to archaeological problems, geometric morphometrics, network analyses, archaeological theory, and archaeological science.

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