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3D Clovis: Preview

I recently visited Eastern New Mexico University #ENMU to document a selection of ceramics from the Miles Collection, and a number of Clovis points from Blackwater Draw National Historic Site. These models represent a small portion of the scans from ENMU, which include ceramics, lithics, fauna and megafauna. My thanks to the faculty and staff in the Department of Anthropology at #ENMU; Katy Putsavage and George Crawford in particular.


A 3D preview for this scan is below. To interact with it, click play, wait for the 3D mesh to load, then click/drag the image to rotate. Since this model is not yet fully processed, minor alterations may occur prior to publication.


Written by zselden

My research is focused at the confluence of archaeology, engineering, computer science, and the humanities. I am particularly interested in the application of 3D technologies to archaeological problems, geometric morphometrics, network analyses, archaeological theory, and archaeological science.

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