Large Caddo Vessel from the Belcher Site in 3D

Earlier this year, I spent some time at Northwestern State University in Northwest Louisiana to scan a collection of Caddo vessels from the Belcher and Gahagan sites. Many of these were illustrated and described by Dr. Clarence Webb; including this large Belcher Ridged vessel from the Belcher site.


Dr. Webb’s  illustration (above) and description of this vessel:

Pottery vessel from floor of House 7, Belcher Mound A, found in sherds on this floor near an ash bed in SE sector. It is an immense jar of type Belcher Ridged, of which the upper half to three-fifths is preserved, the lower portion missing. It is clay tempered, with smoothed surface, colors vary from buff to gray to dark gray or brown. Shape is barrel-like, with moderately flaring rim. Decorated with vertical applique or pushed-up ridges, spaced 6 mm to 2 mm apart over the body; the outer surface of the rim has vertical incisions.

Many thanks to the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, NCPTT, and Dr. Pete Gregory (NSU) and the Williamson Museum for the requisite permissions, funding and access needed to scan these important Caddo vessels. 


Written by zselden

My research is focused at the confluence of archaeology, engineering, computer science, and the humanities. I am particularly interested in the application of 3D technologies to archaeological problems, geometric morphometrics, network analyses, archaeological theory, and archaeological science.