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Geometric Morphometrics–Citation Networks

The study of form may be descriptive merely, or it may become analytical. We begin by describing the shape of an object in the simple words of common speech: we end by defining it in the precise language of mathematics; and the one method tends to follow the other in strict scientific order and historical continuity.  — D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson (1915)

Literature and material culture represent the primary sources employed in archaeological inquiry. Our goal in constructing the citation network for geometric morphometric studies in archaeology has been both exploratory and epistemological. The analysis is ongoing; however, we are making the initial iteration of the citation network available below as a means of soliciting additional input and sources from our colleagues.

We are maintaining two lists of citations; one for publications included in the network, and the other for publications not included in the network. Both lists can be accessed in the interactive network (available by clicking on the image below) by clicking on More about this visualisation. Should you know of a geometric morphometric publication in archaeology that is not listed, please let us know by clicking on the link to submit a citation (with the associated DOI) in the sidebar.

Citation network for geometric morphometric studies in archaeology. Access the interactive version of this network here, or by clicking on the image of the network.

Many thanks to the geometric morphometrics community at-large for their continued support of this project.