cropped-20150811_072320-21.jpgI am an avid outdoor enthusiast and researcher of material culture and history—to include the history of material culture. I found a passion for anthropology during my time and travels in the US Marine Corps, where I witnessed the influence that cultural differences can have in crafting meaningful solutions to complex social problems.

My work is generally focused upon museum and repository studies, where I use archaeological methods and digital technology to test and refine hypotheses associated with human history and the story of our shared past. The majority of my current research is aimed at better understanding the morphological variation that occurs in the archaeological record, particularly where the shape of those objects made by ancestral human populations changes across specific temporal and spatial boundaries.

In addition to my studies of material culture shape, I use machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to aid in predicting where archaeological sites may occur, helping land managers and researchers to make informed decisions regarding current and future ground disturbing and prospection projects. These research domains provide novel insights into prehistoric site selection choices and the morphological changes to human toolkits that accompany site selection choice during the transition from a mobile hunter-gatherer economy to one of increasing sedentism associated with horticulturalist and agriculturalist populations.


I work as a research associate in the Center for Regional Heritage Research at Stephen F. Austin State University. Funding for my research comes from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, National Park Service, United States Forest Service, 21st Century Service Corps, Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, Texas Academy of Science, Texas Archeological Society, Council of Texas Archeologists, Texas Historical Commission, and a variety of cultural resource management (CRM) firms.


In addition to work and play, I enjoy traveling the world with my girls. There is something sacred about sharing a moment in time with another person, and we really enjoy making new memories together. Add to that the fun of being married to my best friend, along with some exceptionally goofy friends and gifted colleagues, and it is not difficult to feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.